Transforming Rooms with a Single Touch

The Problem

One of the home's great aesthetic features is the wall of windows that provide amazing views of Piedmont Park.  However, all that natural light makes it very hard to view a projector screen, not to mention heats up the home considerably during the late afternoon hours.

Our Solution 

Our solution was to install automatic shades and a projector screen that drop in from the ceiling with the push of a single button, transforming day to night in under a minute.  We also took things a step further and programmed the shades to come down automatically from 3pm to 6pm when the sun was at its worse, decreasing the energy required to keep the house cool. 

Out of Sight, Blows Your Mind

The Problem

The previous owners of the home had speakers installed in the living room, but they were large, exposed, and an eyesore. The new owners wanted a more minimal aesthetic approach, without losing audio quality while watching TV or playing music for a party.  See the difference in the before and after photos above.

Our Solution 

We had our work cut out for us with this request, but our team came up with a creative solution to mount new and improved speakers behind the drywall in the ceiling, as well as a subwoofer in the wall  behind the couch.  The sound is simply amazing, and with no exposed speakers or wiring the owners were beyond thrilled with how everything turned out.

So Many Remotes, So Little Time

The Problem

The owners inherited a pretty complex audio/video situation, complete with multiple remotes, disjointed receivers, and an overload of hardware they didn't need.  All of this resulted in a system that was hard to use, requiring multiple interactions for simple tasks such as watching TV.

Our Solution 

Using the Control4 automation platform, consolidation was the name of the game.  Now, everything from audio to video is controlled with a single remote and can also be controlled right from a smartphone app or a touch panel on the wall.  We were able to get rid of over half the hardware while adding additional automation in the process.

Client Needs

When our clients bought “The Cube”, it was equipped with an outdated automation system. The system included motorized shades, distributed audio throughout the inside and outside of the home, as well as a camera and security system.

The problem - each of these features was controlled separately, something the new home owners weren’t too fond of.  With their lives about to get more busy by adopting twin girls from overseas, they wanted to have a single, simple system to control all the automation in the house.

They reached out to us, and we introduced them to the Control4 home automation system.


What We Did

When we first started on the project, we removed all the old equipment that was running the outdated system. We optimized the wiring throughout the home and rebuilt the Audio/Video rack storage with the new Control4 system, security system, and camera system. Now, Control4 now handles everything through one simple app:

  • All interior and exterior audio zones 
  • All TV’s in the home
  • Arming/disarming the security system
  • Accessing the cameras from inside the home, or anywhere in the world
  • All motorized window shades 
  • Irrigation system

This new and improved setup was exactly what our client needed to simplify their life.