What to Do with a House Full of Wires

Install Home Audio Video in Atlanta, GA Right the First Time

One day I was spending time with friends when one of them asked what she should do with all of the wires coming out of her wall.  She purchased a house in the Atlanta, Georgia area that was full of speakers, but the wires were just hanging there.  It occurred to me that this home audio video issue is something I have never discussed with my readers, but it happens all of the time.  There are actually several things for my friend to know, and the same goes for any of you with the same issue.

The first thing to do is count all of the speakers.  If you have five speakers in the same room, you need a surround receiver.  These are typically priced from $250-$1,000. This will run one room of surround sound, and sometimes one extra pair of speakers in the home.  If there are more than two rooms of speakers, it gets a little more complex.

If you have more than two rooms, it is important to figure out how many you have total.  Ideally, you want to buy an amplifier that has as many “channels” as speakers.  In other words, if you have 12 speakers, you want to get a 12-channel amplifier.  This way, the amplifier doesn’t overheat or die a fiery death.  Most amps of this type are anywhere from $800-$3,000.  I cannot tell you how many houses I have come to where the person tried to use a 2-channel stereo receiver to run 10 rooms of sound.  It is inevitable that this type of setup is unsustainable.  Some people have gotten around this problem using volume knobs for each room, but this is a “band-aid,” and affects the sound quality.

An alternative that allows you to build as you go is a brand called Sonos.  We sell a Sonos amplifier that will run two to four speakers at a time and can stream music from Pandora, Spotify, and more.  This way, you can add one or two rooms of music at a time as you can afford it.  This method ensures that you install a whole house audio system right the first time, and you’ll enjoy stellar sound quality every time. For additional questions about home audio video or to purchase additional audio products, contact us online