To Buy a New TV or Not

To Buy a New TV or Not

by Michael Buckner, Founder and SEO of Audio Intersection

Is your Georgia home ready to embrace the latest technology?

I was recently on a long drive with a friend, and he told me that he was still waiting to buy a new TV for his Georgia home because of all the new UltraHD stuff being ever-changing. I completely understand his position.  Embracing new home audio video trends can be risky. After all, millions of people were burned when they bought HDDVD players and then Blu-Ray made them obsolete, and now UltraHD had this major change you may have never heard of called HDCP 2.2 that made new TV’s tough to trust.

The problem is this: Samsung and others made a year’s worth of UltraHD TV’s in 2013/14 that will not accept a brand new Roku or Sony UltraHD Media Player (and others) because it is not “HDCP 2.2 Compatible.”  Can you imagine being one of those first guys that spent thousands on the first sets with UltraHD only to find out it’s incompatible with the rest of your home audio video system?!  This was all due to some Hollywood craziness where they suddenly injected extra copyright protection with the UltraHD signal.  On top of this, there is now an upgrade to UltraHD that just arrived called High Dynamic Range.  We nerds refer to it as HDR.  It adds millions of more colors on top of UltraHD resolution and looks amazing.  

Luckily, the HDMI cable that you use to plug in your HD equipment is actually stamped and approved by a licensing corporation.  Since they are the ones that force all the TV companies to conform, it’s great that they finally have their act together, in conjunction with Hollywood’s blessing.  With the introduction of HDMI 2.0a, any TV company that has this stamp will be compatible with the rest of your home audio video system including UltraHD and HDR media players, and future DirecTV, Dish, and Comcast Ultra HD equipment.

    So while I have eaten words before and said things like “I can never see how we will need a new music format beyond CD’s,” I truly believe that if you buy a TV today that is HDMI 2.0a compliant, you will be making a safe purchase, that is future-proof for at least the next 5-7 years minimum.  Beyond that, watch out for 8K :)  If you have any more lingering doubts about the Ultra HD technology hitting the market, contact us online