The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing

Use the Best Remote for Your Audio Video System

There are many elements to a great audio video system.  Of course, you need a big TV, quality speakers, and a great amplifier in your Milton, Georgia home.  But the most overlooked piece of equipment in the system is actually the most important, the remote control.   The remote control is the “brain” of the system that represents all the communication between you and your electronics.  

But remote controls come free with the equipment, you say?  Well yes, but this means that there are eight remotes on your coffee table, right?   Many of you I’m sure tried the “universal” remotes that supposedly replaced all the other ones, but I’ll bet it never seemed to work just right.  Well take another look at today’s remotes, because computers have changed everything.  

Companies such as Logitech, Philips, and Control4 have introduced more sophisticated remotes that have taken away the guesswork.  Instead of using several steps and several remotes to get the TV to come on, you simply press the button that says “Watch TV.”  When pressed, these new remotes will dim your lights, turn on all your equipment, set the TV and surround sound to the correct settings, and display your favorite channels on its LCD screen.  To go to ESPN, simply press the button on the remote labeled ESPN, and the remote enters the channel number for you.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what today’s remotes can do.  

Many new remotes even have iPod controls built into them, displaying the song information and album art.  This allows you to dock your iPod in the living room, and then play it in the bedroom with full control from the remote.  

So give the remotes of today a chance to improve your experience.  After all, if your crazy pile of remote controls keeps you from switching around from watching a DVD or playing a video game, then what’s all that equipment really worth?  
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