Stream Endless Video Content with a Wi-Fi Network Installation

How to Enjoy Online TV in Your Roswell, GA Home

Have you noticed that almost every new audio/video device that is sold today has an ethernet port on the back of it? And for good reason.  You and I are about to witness a battle over your hard-earned money between Google, Apple, and others over getting TV content to your doorstep in Roswell, Georgia without having to pay a monthly cable bill.  Having said that, Netflix, Comcast, Dish Network and DirecTV are all jumping on the streaming content bandwagon as well. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to pay for a monthly cable TV service, but you will need a reliable Internet connection, and we can do that with our Wi-Fi network installation services. Continue reading to discover how we can connect you with endless video content through just the Internet!

If you currently have HD, DirecTV, or Dish Network, stop reading this for a moment and look at the back of your satellite box.  Notice how there’s an ethernet jack on the back?  Plug a cable from there into your router or modem.  Now, if you have DirecTV, put a “1” in front of your favorite TV Channel and check out the on Demand page.  If you have DN, hit the DVR button, then choose Dish Online.  Both of these things are free, and not only provide thousands of hours of entertainment, but they also work through the nastiest of storms since it’s relying on your Internet connection, not your satellite, to provide you with TV content.  So the next time a thunderstorm pops up and knocks out your service, remember this as a backup.  Even when the weather’s beautiful, this is a way to go straight to the show you want instead of waiting for the next time it airs.   

Now you can benefit from Dish Network and Google being in cohorts to introduce the new GoogleTV.  The price is $299 for a box that will allow you to do a global Google search for any TV show you want.  If it’s available on live TV, it switches to that, but it will also show online matches through YouTube and much much more.  Plus, you can browse the Internet, and it will manage all of your music, photos, and more.

Not to be outdone, Apple now has the iTV for only $99, where you can simply buy TV shows for $0.99 each.  If you are the type of person that only watches one or two shows per day, this may prove to eliminate your need for a cable service.  In addition to this, Apple also does a great job bringing your music, movies, and photos to the living room.  They do not have a keyboard like GoogleTV, and there’s a limited selection in comparison, but it’s still an attractive little box.

Whether or not these technologies are something that will be in your living room soon is barely up for discussion.  Much like HDTV, most experts are expecting everyone to be viewing streaming content in the not too distant future.  Whether or not this proves frustrating for you depends on whether you try to do it yourself, or if you simply hire a professional.  Either way, sit back and watch as companies get creative to see who can offer the most features from their streaming video devices.