Family Music

Music is amazing.  A song can make a person cry hundreds of years after it was written.  Remember how you felt when you heard Amazing Grace at a funeral of someone you loved?  Or a single trumpet playing Taps?  Music invokes the most primal emotions of our soul.  A simple drumbeat can make a crowd of 50,000 move in rhythm, as if they were all family.  Music is so universally loved that nearly every society on Earth projects their most successful musicians to the highest status in the land.  The Queen of England has even awarded knighthood to a few of the best musicians.  

Can you imagine what it must have been like to hear music and electricity at the same time, for the first time?!  I heard a really phenomenal cover of Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Pressley one night and pondered how astounding it must have been to hear originally.  Especially, to have grow up in a quite Southern town, then travel to Memphis and hear that song on live electric guitars.  Wow.  We have so much in this world to be thankful for that we sometimes take really major things like this for granted.   

Only in the last ultra-short blink of history have we been able to even store a song and play it back.  The fact that we now capture the moment in time when an artist pours his soul out in a song, and we can replay that moment anywhere in the world is nothing less than spectacular.  It led me to my career installing music throughout peoples’ homes.  While we are certainly spoiled when it comes to food, transportation, and creature comforts, I personally feel that spending a couple months’ salary on a luxury-grade stereo is a no-brainer.  Compared to a car, a nice stereo pays my family emotionally rewarding dividends for years and years that a cheap Bluetooth speaker just can’t cut.  I’m forever grateful for the 1985 JC Penny stereo my Dad bought us when I was a kid, and for all the artists that filled it.  It forever changed my life.