TV is About to Get Cheap

For years, I have been talking with people about “cutting the cord.” In the past, it usually wound up being too good to be true, because most of us watch live sports and news, and all cheap or free options have had little to offer in this area.  This is no longer the case.  DirecTV Now and Dish Network SlingTV have now released $20 packages that have Internet Based TV programming, and Google just announced something coming called YouTube TV for $35/mo.  All of these services are phenomenal at getting your TV bill down to almost nothing, but with caveats.

I find that most of my clients spend between $150 and $200 per month for TV.  With Dish and DirecTV’s new plans, you only get the service on a smartphone or tablet, and then will have to “Airplay” it to an AppleTV.  To me, this is easy, but not everyone will agree.  Amazon is working on adding Dish’s SlingTV app to their FireTV boxes, but I’m not sure if that’s a reality just yet.  The main gist for you to know here is that it’s possible to get this new Dish and DirecTV service on your TV, but it’s not as simple and seamless as you’d prefer.  You’ll most likely have to spend a little cash on new equipment, and learn a few steps on how to watch TV this new way.

Google’s YouTube TV is the most promising, but is still a few months away, so no one truly knows the ins and outs.  They are stating that you’ll get 40 channels for $35/month, and so far, includes all major networks, all 3 ESPN’s, Fox News, and more.  I would be surprised if this service is not available on any device that has the YouTube app, which is basically EVERY smart TV, AppleTV, Roku, and/or internet connected Blu-Ray player.  In other words, the DAY that they pull the trigger, there will already be millions and millions of devices ready to hit play, and chances are that you already own whatever’s needed, and will start saving over $1,000/year on your TV bill.