Pajama Walk

Ever heard of the Pajama Walk?  No, I’m not talking about a fundraiser in which the citizens of a given area march down the street in their nighttime wears.  I’m more referring to the parents out there that have other members of the house that seem to leave everything on in the house when it’s bedtime.  While I do not want to discriminate, it seems to be a common American thread where the Dad of the house is always turning down the thermostat, killing the unused lights, TV’s stereos, etc.  Of course, if we keep going with this stereotype, Moms are usually security minded ones, and they tend to be more concerned with closing the garage doors, locking the deadbolts, arming the security system, and things of this sort. 

Whether this stereotype fits or not, I’ll be you that if you’ve got a big family and bigger house, you and your spouse do parts of this every night before retiring to the master quarters. You may have even bought a fancy new thermostat or deadbolt that you can control from your smart phone in the name of automating this activity, but getting out your phone, going into the app, then turning down the temp really isn’t saving you time, right?  Let me offer a better way.

With true automation, you have a small keypad on your night stand that says “Good Night,” and “Good Morning.”  With a properly installed system, the Good Night button turns off every TV in the house, all the music stops, the lights go out, the dead bolts lock, the garage door goes down, the security system arms itself, and the thermostat drops the temperature.  The “Good Morning” button can be programmed to do the opposite.  You see, with the new smart home, it’s not just about buying a new gadget that comes with a fancy app to control it, it’s about having a single button press that cuts a 5-10 minute nighttime activity into a 2 second button tap.  What you do with that extra time every night is up to you…