First World Problems

I love living in the first world, and solving first world problems.  We may be filled with guilt about all of the world’s issues, but here in the US of A, I have to say it ain’t bad.  For a moment, in the middle of the political insanity that is our current 24-hour news cycle, I want you to take a break, and listen to a few of the first world problems that occur in our town, and how lucky we are.

Client 1:  “Every morning, I wake up and walk out to the veranda for a cup of coffee, listen to my favorite music, and read the paper.  It never fails, that while having the music turned up, UPS is ringing my doorbell so I can sign for a next day air package.  I inevitably miss the package.  Can you help?”

After hearing such a trying story of a man and his music, we solved it by installing a wireless sensor on the doorbell that tripped the music system to pause.  While we were at it, to make sure he doesn’t confuse the music’s pause with internet trouble, we made his veranda sconce lights flash.  Now he never misses his morning air.

Client 2: “I have Italian globe lights hanging in my great room. I’m having a movie filmed at the house and wanted them to twinkle.”

We certainly didn’t want our client to do without, so we installed 3 dimmers and programmed a loop program that, when the light switch is pressed, continuously raise and lower the lights to make them appear to twinkle.  As first world as it may have been, it was pretty sweet.

Let me say, with emphasis, that we as a society are lucky that people among us have these issues.  It simply affirms that there is a cure for nearly every ailment, and more importantly, that these issues only arise when we have surpassed certain levels of societal development.  We can say with confidence that we are far removed from our hunter-gatherer roots.