This month we are showcasing Audio Intersection, the business creation of a local Canton resident, Michael Buckner.  Michael got his start in the electronics industry 14 years ago selling TV’s at the Canton Wal-Mart while attending Cherokee High School.  Soon after, he moved up to commission sales at Circuit City and Hifi Buys.  After graduating college, he became a regional trainer for Pioneer Electronics, traveling the country to share his knowledge of consumer electronics.  After a few years of traveling, in 2006, Audio Intersection was created to bring the knowledge back home, and help local clients make better electronics purchasing decisions.  He hasn’t slowed down since.  So far, nothing has slowed them down.  It’s the years of knowledge, along with a passion for the business that sets Audio Intersection apart from the “big box” retailers.  His clients even have his personal cell phone number in case something goes wrong with their system!  Since 2008, Michael has been a monthly contributor to our magazine, assisting our community with choosing between TV providers, plasma or LCD, and much more.        

This month, in an attempt to shed extra light on his growing business, we decided to sit down with him to ask a few questions that many people are curious about:

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the difference (s) between DirecTV and Dish Network?

DirecTV is best known for sports, while Dish Network has less expensive plans.  Generally speaking, the technologies are about the same, and both have better picture quality than Comcast.   The reason that we install both is because they run promotions that benefit customers differently depending on their situation.  

2. I’d like to purchase a new television for my family room.  Do you recommend LED or OLED or should I look at something else?

The LED models that have been introduced by Sony, Samsung, LG, and more, use less energy, are thinner, and look beautiful, but OLED is definitely the best technology out there.  They are a bit more expensive, though.

3. We just finished our basement and I’d like to set up an entertainment area with TV, surround sound, etc.  Where do I start?

You start by getting an audio guy in there before the sheetrock goes up.  You can save hundreds, even thousands in some cases, by making sure all wires are there first.  Talk with them about how big of a TV you want, lighting control, and see if he has any opinions about changes he would make.  It never hurts to hear the ideas of a TV guy before making too many decisions about a media room.  

4. In the past, we have always used a DVD player, but Bluray players are becoming more popular.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

To be honest, neither are very popular anymore because of streaming, but if you still have discs, there are no benefits to DVD over Blu-Ray.  Blu-Ray will play your old DVD collection, plus give you better picture and sound quality.  Also, many Blu-Ray players connect to the internet, allowing you to bring in music, Netflix movies, and more!  

5. Tell me about the whole house system.  Are there various ways to control it and exactly what can it do?

Whole House music and video is the most exciting thing that I do.  There are 1000 different ways to do it, but keeping it simple is the most important goal.  If there’s a big budget in mind, we provide touch screens in the walls and handheld ones to carry around the house, and that is your command center.  You can pull up virtually any song available, bring up the game on the back porch, you name it.  When we’re working within a tight budget, we place volume controls throughout the house, and allow the other rooms to play either music or the game that are controlled on a handheld remote or on the living room TV, instead of multiple touch screens.