The Best Internet Services for Your Home

What Are the Best Internet Services Available

By Michael Buckner, Founder and SEO of Audio Intersection

How to Get Quality Coverage in Every Corner of Your Home

As a nerd, all day everyday, my life depends on reliable internet.  Literally, if the internet were to die tomorrow, I would scramble to keep my business alive.  On top of this, my business depends on my clients having reliable internet.  If their electronics cannot access Netflix or YouTube, I get the phone call that their Wi-Fi network installation is faulty, even when it’s their ISP that is to blame.   For this reason, I have an interesting perspective on making sure that YOU know how to achieve reliable internet in your Milton, Georgia home.

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When it comes to both speed and reliability, Comcast is king.  You’ll rarely hear me say that I love Comcast, because their video service isn’t great.  Having said that, if you can get Comcast internet at your home, you should.  Their speeds are between 50 and 100mb/sec.       

The next best thing is AT&T U-verse.  Their speeds are decent at 12-24mb/sec.  It’s faster than DSL, but slower than Comcast.  If you get the U-verse video service, watching U-verse TV can bog down your speed.  That’s right.  Watching TV while downloading a song interfere with each other!         

Next choice below is DSL.  This is AT&T and Windstream in the Milton area.  Depending on where you are, your speed will be between 3 and 12mb/sec.  Only do this one if you have to.  I am one of those people with DSL for lack of choice.

Last on the list is satellite Internet.  Because of the tons of TV commercials, many people ask me about this service.  I just did a test run on the latest state of the art system by HughesNet and was very disappointed.  My DSL is faster.  

After you’ve landed the best service in your area, chances are your “free” Wi-Fi router will not cut it.   This is where we come in and put in an Apple Wi-Fi network installation that reaches every corner of your home.  Do not get mad at the ISP if your internet doesn’t reach far enough.  It’s not their job to get the Wi-Fi to reach all over the house.  That’s our job, so call us at 770-479-1000 or fill out our online contact form to upgrade your network coverage!