Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips

Invest in a System That Give You Control of Your Entire Atlanta Home

By Michael Buckner, Founder and SEO of Audio Intersection

Home security and surveillance systems are in over 100 million homes in the US.   If properly installed and used regularly, they can be there for you when you really need it.  Many people, however, either have a system that doesn’t protect as well as it should, or they aren’t even using it!  Also, your alarm can be used for controlling all the things in your Atlanta, Georgia home.   When you’re not at home, today’s security systems allow you to check in from your hotel room to make sure things are still in order. 

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Many people today have systems that are full of “cracks.”  For example, the $99 special that a popular company sells only covers 2 doors and 1 motion sensor. For most houses, this is not a suitable security and surveillance solution.  If you have an alarm, do tests regularly to make sure all points of entry are protected, and that the monitoring companies call back when you intentionally set it off.  We program our clients’ systems to dial in to the monitoring station every 30 days to “check-in” and let us know it’s still communicating.  Make sure your alarm does this.  Also, make sure you have smoke detectors that are hooked up to your security.  This will give you an extra break on your homeowner’s policy, and is a great idea regardless.

Most fun for me is what we get to do with alarms to control your home. For example, arming the system can easily kill the lights in your home and drop the thermostat.  Other security related things are if the alarm starts sounding, we can make all exterior lights flash.  If the fire alarm sounds, we can illuminate the paths from the bedrooms to the exits, or the entire home if desired.  Also, of course, instead of just calling the monitoring company, we can make your alarm system send you a text message and an email so that you can be the first to know something’s up. 

Lastly, a security and surveillance system doesn’t stop at just an alarm.  Cameras can be very useful for staying alert in your home, and recording any trespassers.  Got a pool?  Might want to think about having cameras covering these areas.  Cameras at the front door are nice too.  This allows our clients to see guests standing at their front door from their iPad, and then unlock the door for them so that they can come on down to the party on the terrace level.  Also, security cameras are cool for vacation homes, making sure that a tree hasn’t fallen into the living room during a nasty storm that passes through.  

The world of home security has grown by leaps and bound because of the integration of lights, HVAC, and more.  Additionally, companies like Leviton are buying Home Automation Inc (HAI), and so we can only expect this world to continue it’s path of growth, features, and best of all, dropping prices, so stay tuned for more ways to make your home more protected and exciting at the same time.  To upgrade to a comprehensive security and surveillance system, don’t hesitate to call us at 770-479-1000 or fill out our online contact form.