The Canton Theatre

By Michael Buckner, Founder and CEO of Audio Intersection

A few years ago, I watched my crew do one of the most exciting things that we as a company have ever done, a bit of a variation on our usual home theater installations.  We installed a state of the art audio and video system in the Downtown Canton Theatre.  

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Built in 1911, the Canton Theatre has been a landmark of the Downtown area for over 100 years. It has not always been highly taken care of, but in 2000, it underwent an amazing renovation and is now quite arguably the most beautiful building in Canton.  Since that remodel, the building has been used for plays, weddings, concerts, and other private events.  Most recently, Canton’s City Council voted overwhelmingly to grant the funds to install all equipment necessary to show full-length motion pictures, and yours truly was awarded the opportunity to acquire and install everything necessary to make that happen!  

If you’re in the area, stop by and take a gander at the insane A/V system that graces the building.  Definitely a huge step up from our usual home theater installations. We installed a 275” motorized screen and a 7400 watt sound system that is guaranteed to blow your hair back!  Most importantly, I feel, is the fact that this theater is truly “The People’s.”  Not belonging to some big corporation like AMC, Carmike Cinemas, etc, there is the ability to show whatever movies are appealing to those living in Canton.  For example, The Painted Pig Tavern catered a Valentine’s Day movie event where everyone could have dinner while watching a romantic movie.  The theater can also show horror movies during October, Christmas movies in December, and well, you get the idea.   

So sometime as soon as possible, stop by the Canton Theatre and meet Bob Seguin, the theatre director, and see what Canton has done for its people.  It’s even worth making the drive in from Roswell or Alpharetta. Even better, come by on an evening where you can have dinner at the Downtown Kitchen or Goin’ Coastal, and then come experience a piece of history.  I promise it won’t disappoint!   

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