The Digital Music Age

The Digital Music Age

How to Enjoy Whole House Audio in Your Georgia Home
Do you still buy CD’s? If you do, you are now the minority. Downloading music has now surpassed buying CD’s, and it is only expected to continue as whole house audio systems become more popular. The CD is slowly going away, just like the 8-tracks and cassettes of the past, and it is being replaced by downloads and mp3 players. You may not know it, but we are entering a new world of songs at our fingertips, and we’ve only begun to see how it will change the way we experience music.

Several companies have introduced music players that work all over your Milton, Georgia home, with no CD’s or iPods required. You can store all of your music on an office computer and play it on the back porch or in the kitchen. Most of these players don’t require you to download any music, but will play any downloads that you already have. These are known as “streaming music” players.  

Streaming music players need a high-speed Internet connection and use music services such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Sirius Satellite Radio to get the song to your speakers. Most of these are extremely easy to use, and the major difference among them is what the remote looks like. They are also wireless, so adding sound in the kitchen or the bedroom is now a cinch.  
To give you an example of how this works, I’ll tell you about my house. When I walk in the door, I take out my cell phone and pull up my house’s music system. I have the Sonos Music player, found at  From my cell phone, I can start an Internet radio station around my favorite band, like Sevendust or Hank Williams Jr.  The music then plays songs by that artist and others that sound like them in every room. When my wife gets home, she goes to the bedroom and changes the music in there to her favorite artist while I continue listening to my music of choice in the living room. When she comes into the living room, we change it to something we both enjoy.

When entertaining friends or family, this is when the Sonos player truly shines.  Since the music to my house is instant, with no downloading required, I can play anyone’s favorite song within seconds of his or her request.  As soon as everyone see’s this and tells me their favorites, I make a short playlist of everyone’s favorite music that plays in order of requests, and the party goes on!

So don’t think of your 200 or so CD’s, or even your downloaded songs, as your music collection. Instead, imagine having over 10 million songs at your fingertips, and never needing an iPod or CD collection ever again. As soon as that new album comes out, it’s already in your house. This technology is here, affordable, and will only get better as time goes on. If you don’t believe how easy it is, call me and I’ll gladly show you.