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Pay a Professional for a Home Theater Installation

Pay a Professional for a Home Theater Installation

Historically, homeowners have hired professionals for all sorts of things around the house that they couldn’t do themselves.  For example, I would dare to say 98% of homeowners in the Alpharetta, Georgia area have never tried to install their own heating and cooling system.  Likewise, this is the case for most electrical and plumbing work.  However, unlike these services, people have often thought they could handle everything related to TV. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s time to let that one go too and hire a professional for a home theater installation.  The funny thing here is that the man of the house somehow thinks he has to turn in his “Man Card” when he pays someone else to install his TV.  While funny, this is simply not true.

You see, 30 years ago, all a person had to do to get their TV going was plug in a set of rabbit ears.  Of course, if it didn’t pick up well, you could always get someone to stand there and hold the antenna!  Not very much later, when cable TV came around, again, all you had to do was twist the wire into the back of the TV, and voila.  Well those days are gone.

So why should you pay a pro?  Let’s start with the money that you have invested in your system.  In the old days, a TV was around $250, and that was it.  Nowadays, home theater systems can range from $1,000 to over $100,000, with the average probably being around $5,000.  Couple that with the fact that there’s more technology in the average surround sound system than ever imagined.  This is simply too much money to invest in a system that may not be installed properly.

Lastly, let’s talk about how the systems work when homeowners go ahead and install the equipment themselves.  I’d say that I either find incorrect wiring or improper menu settings in 100% of the DIY installations I encounter.  If there’s a surround sound receiver involved, there are easily 10 different ways to hook up the audio and video cabling.  On top of that, there are another 30 menu items in setting the system up that can either destroy or optimize the quality of picture and sound.  

Another guarantee is that the remote controls are always a nightmare for DIY installations.  I can again say here that with almost 100% certainty, a DIY system is always far more complicated to operate than a professionally installed system.  Even when there’s a 3rd party remote (i.e. a Logitech Harmony) involved, they almost never work right every single time.  But with a professional installation, no matter how much high-performance equipment is involved, watching TV is as simple as sitting down and pressing the “Watch TV” button on the remote. Save yourself the headache and protect your investment by contacting us today.