ISP Reality Check

Internet Service providers stink. Comcast took in $75 Billion last year, and AT&T grossed $146 Billion, all while customer service stayed in the gutter.  They are so terrible that I often have our employees hang out with our clients all day, just to battle excuses that Comcast installers give for wanting to give up before completion.  The bigger the house, the more excuses. 


Nearly all of the ISP’s of the world are equal offenders. I have a client in Marietta with AT&T that has been having issues for months because of crummy infrastructure. AT&T is finally running new lines, but only after their neighbors banded together to get action. Windstream in Big Canoe is the same way. No one is exempt.  One of our most rich and famous clients has terrible DSL internet because it’s the only thing available in his neighborhood.


It makes sense why so many Americans Shop Local, but for those areas of our life where shopping local isn’t an option, it stinks putting up with the hold times and crummy service. I often have clients call our office extremely upset about losing TV service, and they want us to do anything we can to prevent from them having to call the ISP’s 1800 number.


To all of you let me say that you are not alone.  Remember to give any and all corporations with crummy service as little of your money as possible. Shop as much as you can from companies that care, and surely one day we’ll get Internet from a company that gets this. For now, with ISP’s, I have seen no real solution other than remaining vigilant.  As soon as there’s an alternative with awesome customer service, I will inform you of them, and we should all jump ship.  Until then, figure out who has the fastest service at your house, put up with as much as you can stand, but stand up for what you are paying for.  If you’re not sure who’s best, feel free to call me and I’ll help you find out.