Google and Home Automation

Well, I knew that this day would come.  For years, Google and Apple have been promising to get into the home automation market.  Many of you may know that last year, Google bought Nest, a smart thermostat and Smoke detector company, and Dropcam, a camera manufacturer.  Apple unveiled their HomeKit.  Not much has happened since then, until now.  This week, they unveiled a new $200 wireless router.  This router is said to have the wifi password illuminate when you tap it, it is equipped with 13 antennas for maximum range, and it is better capable of adapting to interference issues when installed in an apartment, townhome, etc.  This new gadget is not only a fantastic wifi device, but it is also capable of controlling smart devices in the home.  Slowly, it would appear that Google is making very methodical steps into home electronics integration, and I am all for it.

My official job title is Audio/Video Integrator.  That is another way of saying that I make devices in the home talk to each other.   An example of this is that I make dimmers talk to the stereo, so that when you walk into the kitchen and hit the light switch, Pandora starts playing from speakers in the ceiling.  For years, this has been a relatively expensive upgrade in the home.  It has certainly gotten cheaper recently, but it is my hope that Google makes this space even more affordable. 

In addition to making home automation more affordable, I suspect that Google’s entry into this space is going to raise awareness to the average family about how awesome it is to have a “goodnight” button that kills all the lights, turns down the thermostat, turns off all TV’s, and locks all the doors.  Another benefit is that Apple now has more pressure to hurry up with its HomeKit.  I would not be surprised if an announcement is made there by the time you are reading this article.  Either way, expect home automation to continue exploding with all kinds of new smart toys for the home.