Wifi – The New “Water”

In the early 1900’s, the US was introduced to indoor residential plumbing.  Shortly thereafter, it was absolutely necessary for the average American to have bathrooms and kitchens with running water.  Today, wifi is considered just as important and standard as sinks and toilets.  If you don’t believe me, hang out with our company when a clients’ Internet goes down.  Let’s suffice to say that the family considers us heroes when they can once again access Google, Netflix, and Pandora.  Sadly, not many people know what is needed for rock-solid performance.  Is your wifi as high-quality and reliable as your plumbing?  

First, like plumbing, the most important thing is your incoming pipe.  I’ve stated in previous articles that the hierarchy of speed is Cable as the best, then DSL and satellite, respectively.  Once you have the best available in your area, it’s all about the wireless equipment you buy.  Do not use the free router given from the Internet provider unless your house is 2,000 sq feet or smaller.   If your house is 2,000-3,000 square feet, you should be okay purchasing a quality router, solely. I recommend the Apple Airport Extreme for $199, or the ASUS RTAC68U if you want an Apple alternative.              

For those of you with a house larger than 3,000 sq feet, there’s much to know.  First of all, you should use multiple access points.  Secondly, never use wireless access points - wire them. Thirdly, do not use high-powered access points. Your phones and tablets may see it, but cannot transmit back to it….in other words, you’ll constantly get the spinning wheel on your iPhone, even though you have 5 bars of wifi signal.  For this, Ruckus brand AP’s are best.  If this seems daunting, call us.   We’ll make sure your wifi is fast, reliable, and secure.